Winterizing your Concrete

Winter is approaching it is time to put your concrete in winter mode. You may be asking yourself what this means, well I’m about to explain. When winter comes with it’s harsh winds, cold temperatures and freezing rain/ snow it can mean devastation to your concrete birdbaths and fountain. You must properly prepare items for winter. You must dissemble birdbaths and fountains anything thing that can hold water. All you have to do with birdbaths is empty out water and flip bowl over on top of stand. Presto no broken birdbath come spring. As for fountains this can get difficult but be easy depending on the size of fountain. Any fountain empty water out of each bowl, with single bowl fountains you can just flip the bowl over and lay it bowl down leaning on the stand. With multiple bowl fountains you need to once again empty out water. Then this is where you may think it’s going to get difficult but you can actually make it fun and creative for the holiday spirit. Instead of taking each bowl of you can wrap your empty fountain in a tarp( any color of your choice). Make sure it is secure with rope or bungee cords so the cold winds won’t rip it off. Once fully secure you can decorate with Christmas lights for the holiday!



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